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What I Do


Partner with customers at a leadership level to understand their 3-5 year corporate objectives.

Engage with leadership to observe their processes, environment, and listen to edge worker concerns.  This allows me to recommend the right technology solutions that benefit both operations and information technology leader's desired business outcomes.


Leverage my operational and technology experience across the supply chain to include manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, and end user environments across multiple verticals. 

My practice has an emphasis on helping organizations comply with FDA mandates for food (FSMA), pharma (DSCSA), and medical devices (UDI) while increasing operational efficiencies.


Introduce relevant solutions to meet business objectives through my working knowledge of a wide breath of technology solutions

ncluding; barcoding, label printing, master data management, RFID, robotics, fixed industrial scanning, machine vision, warehouse / manufacturing management systems, data integration and more.

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Who I Serve

My practice is a customer first approach that works with client organizations and technology / solution providers to responsbily align solutions to desired business outcomes.

Client Organizations

I provide strategic solution recommendations that map to corporate objectives along with a roadmap to achieve those desired outcomes.

Technology / Solution Providers 

I provide pre sales support to allow technical sales teams to skillfully engage with senior level operational personas to ensure that the technology value proposition is directly linked to operational business outcomes.  I provide industry thought leadership to support go to market and public relation efforts for current and target expansion markets.

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My Services

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Warehouse Workers


Consulting Retainer

Partner with organizations to reserve a set number of consulting hours per month for a 6-12 month term at a specific rate.  This allows me to reserve time to participate in pre sales, thought leadership, and other activities.

On Site Assessment and Recommendation

Engage with senior level operational and information technology personas to understand corporate objectives for the next 3-5 years.  Tour sites to understand workflows and hear problems from edge workers.  Provide a deliverable that provides technology recommendations that are tied to corporate objectives and a roadmap recommendation.


Meet with clients during pre sales discussions and scope a specific set of deliverables for a project that has a specific start and end.  Hours are estimated up front and reported on a monthly basis.

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About Me

Started my 30 year career as an Air Force hospital medic in 1986 and transitioned to medical logistics in 1991 due to a medical issue while going to school for Business Information Systems.  The Air Force taught me warehousing, procurement, inventory control, and the data behind it to pioneer adhoc reports and EDI transactons by extracting data on 5-1/4" floppy discs.  Upon discharge I joined a medical logistics software company where I gained implementation and consulting experience from over 100 hospitals.  My career transitioned into program management and I became versed in all areas of infrastructure and application development.  My last two roles exposed me to many warehouse and manufacturing automation and sensing technologies where I leveraged my operational experience to connect-the-dots between business outcomes and technology.  Speaking engagements, podcasts, articles, and webinars solidified my place as an industry thought leader.


John Wirthlin

Principal Owner

30 years of operational and technology experience that introduces the right solutions to meet corporate objectives.


7120 Manor Lane, Fowlerville, MI 48836, USA

(402) 320-8638

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